Friday, July 31, 2009

Ocean Edge Resort and Inn, Brewster, MA

Though I've been
performing weddings for several years here on Cape Cod, I always have new experiences with reception locations and ceremony venues that are new to me. At the Ocean Edge Resort in Brewster, the environment is

fit for royalty with its rich wooden staircases, beautiful chandelier and charming, elegant 19th century decor. If you and your party are interested having a drink at their newly renovated outdoor lounge overlooking the bay, the ocean view and comfortable furnishings make the Ocean Edge a top notch experience. I hear they also have a stunning ballroom that has recently been renovated. Overall, Ocean Edge Resort transports you back to a time gone by; the photographs that grace its walls speak to luxury, good times, and an elegant Cape Cod experience.

Monday, July 6, 2009

A Few Testimonials from Couples I've Married

Ian & Laura:

We wanted to say thank you for being a part of our special day. We both thought the service you wrote was beautiful and it is something we will remember for the rest of our lives. Thank you again for making our wedding day so memorable!

Iva and Jason:

Thank you so much for officiating our wedding. It was a lovely, personal and very meaningful ceremony and you did a wonderful job of capturing our wishes. We truly enjoyed the moment!

Erin & Chris:

Erin and I wanted to thank you for the beautiful ceremony you held. Many have commented on the great job you did and we couldn’t agree more. Thank you again for being a part of our special day.

Chris & Andrea:

Andrea and I can’t begin to thank you enough for helping us out with our wedding. Without your kindness and generosity, this special event would not be possible. I am honored to have you preside over the ceremony.

Kimberly & Matt:

We just wanted to say a formal thank you for being a part of our wedding. It was such a great day – something we will never forget! You were so kind to take the special trip back to Sandwich to get our marriage license completed – thank you!

Janine and Jason:

Thank you so much for all of your help. We feel so much more secure knowing that you looked over our vows and will get us through the ceremony tomorrow. We are happy to be in such good hands

Family Pets

Yes, our animal friends are important to us, too, and some couples elect to include them in their special service! A popular role is the family dog delivers the wedding rings to the best man. I would recommend that you not do this, however, if you're marrying in an open field where rabbits and other wildlife may never see your rings again if your trusted pet's hunting instincts kick into gear.

Seriously though, a well-trained pet can play a key role as ring bearer and it can be quite a crowd pleaser. Pictured here, "DJ" was the most beautiful and calm animal I've had the pleasure of working with! She performed an excellent job and looked so pretty wearing a pink and white festive flower wreath.

Champagne & Cake, Bubbly and Sweet

In the years I've officiated weddings, I've seen couples celebrate in simple and sweet ways. Add a special touch to

your wedding with a bucket of champagne, or order cakes that are not only sweet, but also tie in with your color scheme or wedding nautical theme. Creativity is the norm so have some fun in celebrating
your wedding that will taste sweet and bubbly, too.

Cupcakes are a nice way to celebrate your wedding, too! Pick the style that suits you both the most, or order a cupcake stand that brings in a theme such as a holiday or a season. Celebrate with style!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Beautiful Beaches for Your Wedding Ceremony

Cape Cod is known for its gorgeous beaches, and so it would be impossible to name the numerous locales in which I've performed marriage ceremonies. Of course, it all depends on the weather when selecting a town beach, but there are many Inns

offering lovely weddings on the beach. Have a "plan B" when planning your wedding on the beach; mother nature can shift her patterns quickly on the Cape, and you don't need more to be nervous about on your special wedding day. It's worth the effort, however, if you love the beach as much as I do. Smelling the fresh salt air, hearing the seagulls as they soar above, and watching the beautiful sea and sky are breathtaking to behold and it makes your service that much more romantic.

For the Chatham area, "Lighthouse Beach", "Forest Beach", and "Hardings Beach" are all exquisite in their own way. The beach front Boat House of the Chatham Bars Inn is a gorgeous venue. The back lawn of the Wequassett Inn overlooking the ocean is a wonderful location on the water. Or arrange your wedding nearby the sparkling pool overlooking the ocean.

Contact the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce or the town clerk's office for where you desire to have your wedding for more details about acquiring permits. The top photo here is of a couple I married at the Chatham Bars Inn's Boat House. In fact, the large Cape Cod Venues and Wedding Ideas blog photo is of the gazebo at the Chatham Bars Inn overlooking the ocean.

You may also inquire about private home rentals on the beach such as Point House in Chatham at Scatteree Beach and The Winslow House in Orleans, MA, a turn of the century mansion overlooking the bay.

To the left are pictured Sarah and Brandon whom I married on Chatham Lighthouse Beach. There are new parking regulations for this specific beach, so be sure to inquire at the town hall while obtaining the permit. To the right is an early autumn photo of Point House's view on Scatteree Beach at the Chatham town landing.

I could write a book about beach weddings...I truly enjoy every beach for its own special views and natural beauty. Virtually every town on Cape Cod has several beaches to rave about that can make your dream beach wedding a reality.

A Small Chapel: Kelley Chapel, Yarmouth, MA

For those who want the quaint, non-denominational chapel experience for their wedding service, the Cape offers some charming venues. One of my favorites is the Kelley Chapel in Yarmouth, MA, which is operated by the Yarmouth Historical Society. In a picturesque opening beyond a tree lined path behind the historic Yarmouth Inn, you'll find this simple, white chapel that had its beginnings as a Quaker chapel in the 1800's. A pot belly wood stove sits inside which is supplied with wood and is stoked by the chapel's keeper; the autumn is a particularly popular season with the red and yellow leafed trees surrounding its perimeter. The women who schedule your wedding are lovely and they take care in assuring the chapel is clean and warm for your ceremony. There is no air conditioning in this building, so consider this fact when planning a summer wedding. Otherwise, it's a very nice spot for 50 or fewer guests.

Photography Ideas

It's a good idea to have a professionally trained photographer, but if you've got friends and family who are enthusiastic and effective in taking photos, you might want to consider some interesting, fun and creative photo opportunities for your family and friends to share with you.

In the photo with the bridal party jumping into the air with the colorful umbrellas, the father of the groom happens to be a professional photographer and web designer; visit his website at to see some of his work. I love this photo of his son, Chris and daughter-in-law Andrea with their wedding party! Such joy is in this work of art; theirs was a fun wedding to officiate!

Catch the moment and encourage your bridal party to pose in attractive waterfront or nature scenes, too. Wedding photographers are trained to catch the nuances of the moment in terms of light, color, and content. With the new digital camera technologies and design software your photographer and your friends can be very creative in capturing your special day for years to come. There's nothing having quality photography of one of the most meaningful and celebratory days of your life!

Unity Sand & Candle Lighting Ceremonies

Many couples incorporate a special ceremonial aspect into their service called a Unity Sand Ceremony. In this tradition, each partner has a vile of different colored sand, and they pour the sand into a vase. Symbolic of the two becoming one, it makes a colorful vase that will last beyond your wedding day. It is also more practical for outdoor weddings, particularly in breezy areas where candles will not easily keep their flame in the wind. Couples with children often include them in the sand ceremony, too, thereby creating a family keepsake. A Unity Candle Ceremony pictured above with mom lighting the candle with her son and future daughter-in-law, is more easily performed indoors and has the same symbolism as that of the unity sand ceremony.

Wedding Flowers

My father managed a florist and landscaping business for many years; I always had a deep appreciation for the work he and other floral professionals did to beautify a special wedding day event. A flower filled arbor is particularly in demand on Cape Cod where they frame a beautiful garden, water scene or wooded pathway. And of course, the bride's bouquet is one to behold. The inns and reception halls are often filled with floral bouquets. Feast your eyes on nature's wonder and take in some of the creative ideas my clients have used to make their day that much more festive!

Music Ensembles for Weddings

What is a wedding without music? Whether it be classical violinists or a harpist, a DJ playing your favorite songs, or the Cape Cod African Dance Ensemble, there are a wide variety of musical options from which to choose for your custom wedding ceremony and reception. Here are but a few of the music and dance professionals that some clients have selected for their wedding day. There are so many gifted musicians who wish to make your wedding party one to be remembered for its entertainment. Consider your day to be a reflection of who you are as a couple and you'll be inspired to incorporate the sounds that will forever be treasured.

Interesting Wedding Ceremony Venues

There are so many gorgeous wedding locales on Cape Cod. Having lived here on the Cape for a number of years now, it still amazes me when a couple finds yet another quaint nook where they choose to express their devotion to one another

in wedding nuptials.
Every week, I learn
of a new
location from my clients, so here are a few select favorites of the couples I've served: The Highfield Hall in Falmouth, The Belfry Inne located in Sandwich and the Auto Museum which serves as a reception site at The Heritage Plantation in Sandwich (the weddings are held on the beautiful grounds of the Heritage Plantation). These are a few of the lesser known spots that are truly charming and intimate for any wedding day.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Ringbearer and Flower Girl Ideas

And here are a few more ideas that clients used for their weddings having to do with the flower girl crowns, ring bearer ideas, and flower girl dresses. I've included in this posting a photo of the flower girl bringing the ring bearer, a young baby,

using a wagon decked out with satin. Very fun and creative. It was fun to watch the faces of the guests as the baby was pulled down the aisle. Of course the cameras were clicking! Another wedding had the ring bearer walking down the aisle with the rings in a black baseball mitt - clever!

Wedding Ideas: Cupcakes, Cookouts, and Candles

My wife Lianne likes to take photos of pretty things, and so photographing weddings is a natural talent of hers. Over the years, Lianne has taken enough photos of unique and/or beautiful touches that my clients use to make their special day that much more meaningful, whether it be for the service I perform, or for the party reception.
So, in the next few postings, take a look at some of the unique flower girl dresses,

cake ideas, a cookout
that someone had
on the beach, and
candle ceremonies
for the service.
I will explain more about the various types of ceremonies in a separate posting. For now, enjoy the unique touches my clients created for their weddings.

If you want to know any more specifics about where items were purchased, I will attempt to find out from the couple for you.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ceremony Sites: The Wequassett Inn, Chatham, MA

The Wequassett Inn has a gorgeous setting for weddings, with great views of the ocean from the lush lawns that cascade down to the beach. I've officiated many weddings at The Wequassett Inn. They just built a wonderful new building for children's activities and if you have children attending your wedding, it's definitely a well-designed and thoughtful touch for parents staying over at the Inn. I hear the food and the accommodations are excellent, too.

The outdoor pool (pictured above) is very attractive, overlooking the sea. I like the comfortable charming feel of this Inn that has all of the modern amenities, too. The wedding management team is great to work with from my point of view; they are very responsive to my clients and me. The grounds are incredibly maintained, with beautiful flowers and shrubs and trees; winding brick pathways go to the private cottages along the seaside, which give the Inn a very rustic setting.