Sunday, July 5, 2009

Photography Ideas

It's a good idea to have a professionally trained photographer, but if you've got friends and family who are enthusiastic and effective in taking photos, you might want to consider some interesting, fun and creative photo opportunities for your family and friends to share with you.

In the photo with the bridal party jumping into the air with the colorful umbrellas, the father of the groom happens to be a professional photographer and web designer; visit his website at to see some of his work. I love this photo of his son, Chris and daughter-in-law Andrea with their wedding party! Such joy is in this work of art; theirs was a fun wedding to officiate!

Catch the moment and encourage your bridal party to pose in attractive waterfront or nature scenes, too. Wedding photographers are trained to catch the nuances of the moment in terms of light, color, and content. With the new digital camera technologies and design software your photographer and your friends can be very creative in capturing your special day for years to come. There's nothing having quality photography of one of the most meaningful and celebratory days of your life!

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