Friday, July 3, 2009

Wedding Ideas: Cupcakes, Cookouts, and Candles

My wife Lianne likes to take photos of pretty things, and so photographing weddings is a natural talent of hers. Over the years, Lianne has taken enough photos of unique and/or beautiful touches that my clients use to make their special day that much more meaningful, whether it be for the service I perform, or for the party reception.
So, in the next few postings, take a look at some of the unique flower girl dresses,

cake ideas, a cookout
that someone had
on the beach, and
candle ceremonies
for the service.
I will explain more about the various types of ceremonies in a separate posting. For now, enjoy the unique touches my clients created for their weddings.

If you want to know any more specifics about where items were purchased, I will attempt to find out from the couple for you.

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