Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Small Chapel: Kelley Chapel, Yarmouth, MA

For those who want the quaint, non-denominational chapel experience for their wedding service, the Cape offers some charming venues. One of my favorites is the Kelley Chapel in Yarmouth, MA, which is operated by the Yarmouth Historical Society. In a picturesque opening beyond a tree lined path behind the historic Yarmouth Inn, you'll find this simple, white chapel that had its beginnings as a Quaker chapel in the 1800's. A pot belly wood stove sits inside which is supplied with wood and is stoked by the chapel's keeper; the autumn is a particularly popular season with the red and yellow leafed trees surrounding its perimeter. The women who schedule your wedding are lovely and they take care in assuring the chapel is clean and warm for your ceremony. There is no air conditioning in this building, so consider this fact when planning a summer wedding. Otherwise, it's a very nice spot for 50 or fewer guests.

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