Sunday, July 5, 2009

Interesting Wedding Ceremony Venues

There are so many gorgeous wedding locales on Cape Cod. Having lived here on the Cape for a number of years now, it still amazes me when a couple finds yet another quaint nook where they choose to express their devotion to one another

in wedding nuptials.
Every week, I learn
of a new
location from my clients, so here are a few select favorites of the couples I've served: The Highfield Hall in Falmouth, The Belfry Inne located in Sandwich and the Auto Museum which serves as a reception site at The Heritage Plantation in Sandwich (the weddings are held on the beautiful grounds of the Heritage Plantation). These are a few of the lesser known spots that are truly charming and intimate for any wedding day.

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  1. There’s no wonder why Cape Cod is popular when it comes to wedding locations. It is because of the semi-old fashioned, yet classy wedding reception sites around the area. Another is the beach! That can turn the post-wedding days an instant honeymoon. And lastly, the fantastic accommodations that are also close to the reception sites, which make everything else easier and lessen unwanted incidents.

    Cami Collazo