Sunday, July 5, 2009

Beautiful Beaches for Your Wedding Ceremony

Cape Cod is known for its gorgeous beaches, and so it would be impossible to name the numerous locales in which I've performed marriage ceremonies. Of course, it all depends on the weather when selecting a town beach, but there are many Inns

offering lovely weddings on the beach. Have a "plan B" when planning your wedding on the beach; mother nature can shift her patterns quickly on the Cape, and you don't need more to be nervous about on your special wedding day. It's worth the effort, however, if you love the beach as much as I do. Smelling the fresh salt air, hearing the seagulls as they soar above, and watching the beautiful sea and sky are breathtaking to behold and it makes your service that much more romantic.

For the Chatham area, "Lighthouse Beach", "Forest Beach", and "Hardings Beach" are all exquisite in their own way. The beach front Boat House of the Chatham Bars Inn is a gorgeous venue. The back lawn of the Wequassett Inn overlooking the ocean is a wonderful location on the water. Or arrange your wedding nearby the sparkling pool overlooking the ocean.

Contact the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce or the town clerk's office for where you desire to have your wedding for more details about acquiring permits. The top photo here is of a couple I married at the Chatham Bars Inn's Boat House. In fact, the large Cape Cod Venues and Wedding Ideas blog photo is of the gazebo at the Chatham Bars Inn overlooking the ocean.

You may also inquire about private home rentals on the beach such as Point House in Chatham at Scatteree Beach and The Winslow House in Orleans, MA, a turn of the century mansion overlooking the bay.

To the left are pictured Sarah and Brandon whom I married on Chatham Lighthouse Beach. There are new parking regulations for this specific beach, so be sure to inquire at the town hall while obtaining the permit. To the right is an early autumn photo of Point House's view on Scatteree Beach at the Chatham town landing.

I could write a book about beach weddings...I truly enjoy every beach for its own special views and natural beauty. Virtually every town on Cape Cod has several beaches to rave about that can make your dream beach wedding a reality.

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  1. It is important to have a Plan B ready in case the wedding doesn’t go according to plan. Sometimes bad weather can take over a wedding ceremony and just spoil all of the fun, so preparing for the worst is quite necessary. Look at the weather forecast for the days before the wedding and the day itself. If it promises rain, prepare another venue that’s indoors so you can still continue with it despite the rain. However, having said all that, a wedding at the beach is still the best.

    Cami Collazo